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Compotes, butters and hot sauces, with a side of granola? Yes, Please! Always No added sugars, nothing artificial, dairy-free and organic. We’re too sweet for sugar and so are you! I hope Your hunger points True Nosh.


Cooking Classes

Come experiment with food in a healthy, exciting, intimate and fun kitchen! Interactive cooking classes give everyone a way to learn new skills, new food & meet people! There’s never any judgment and everyone is here to share, experience and eat!


Nutritional Counseling

Looking for nutritional advice and don’t know if you are on the right path? Book a session with our Registered Dietitian and we will be here to guide you through every step. Call your insurance company to see if our services are covered.


Bootcamp Yo’ Buns!

Summer is just around the corner and its time to work on that summer body. Tone up your legs, booty and abs while enjoying the fresh air of spring. Enhance your agility, balance, cardio, coordination, and strength with two lovely and gorgeous instructors. With their experienced guidance of Kayla and Renee, you will definitely have loads of fun and be ready for the summer sunshine.


About True Nosh

True Nosh is a company devoted to food and nutrition for those who don’t want processed sugar or sweeteners in their lives! We put people living with diabetes first and want to provide more food and beverage options in local markets and shops for a happier and healthier quality of life! We boasts ourselves in utilizing the vast natural, organic resources we have in BC, Canada. We focus on creating food and beverage products that accommodate the busy society we live in which, allows you to integrate healthy snacks into your daily schedule. We do not compromise with our ingredients and we also do not add any preservatives. Our products are sourced and produced locally so that you will feel the comfort of eating something that is made with care. Our Registered Dietitian(s) are here to plan meals and guide you through the steps necessary to become a healthier you. We dedicate ourselves to helping individuals overcome dietary barriers with achievable goals by emphasizing the importance of a healthy lifestyle. We’re not just here to tell you what you need to do, but we’re here to empower you with knowledge by offering fun cooking classes every week, meeting you at the gym and walking you through the aisle of your local grocery store.

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Cooking Classes

Intimate, fun and interactive cooking classes are put on by Registered Dietitian and Culinary enthusiast Renée Chan at her kitchen or can be privately requested to be at the comfort of your own home. Theses classes are offered to anybody who is health and wellness conscious and also love to learn some new recipes or even a new language. All food and ingredients are included.
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  • “We're extremely delighted and satisfied with Renee's cooking. She's fun, flexible and everyone on our crew loves her food.”

    Jason Karman
  • "Renee puts a lot of care and effort into her food preparations and it shows! Her jams and sauces are amazing."

    Owen Lin
  • "Tried the some of these sauce a while ago and they are so yummy, can't tell at all that it is sugar free and gluten free. Can't wait to try the rest of products from Renee!"

    Samarium Zhao
  • "Great product line - gluten free and no added sugar. Can't wait to get a home run on the hot sauces!!"

    Christine Chiu

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