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Our Cooking Classes

Our classes are hosted by our very own Registered Dietitian and Culinary enthusiast Renée at her kitchen. Classes can also be scheduled privately if you would like to host a cooking class party at your own home or at her kitchen for a different date/time, prices are below. These classes are offered to anyone who likes to learn new recipes, socialize or learn even a new language.
All food and ingredients are included. Water will be served. BYOB:)
Regular cooking classes run on Wednesday evenings from 6:30-9pm with the exception of the brunch cooking class being on a Saturday from 11:30am-2pm. (Schedule may change, please revert to links below for most accurate times).

10% of all cooking class proceeds will benefit The Canadian Diabetes Association!

*Contact your extended health care provider to see if Registered Dietitian Services are covered in your plan!

REFUND POLICY: Strict: 7 days or more – 100% , within 7 days 50%, 48 hours or less 0%.

Private Cooking Classes:

-One on one: $75 for 1 dish (protein plus 2 sides) , $35 for each additional dish

– Two – three people: $65/p for 2 dishes, $25/p for each additional dish

-Four – six people: $55/p for 3 dishes, $15/p for each additional dish

-Seven – eight people: $50/p for 4 dishes, $10/ for each additional dish

Above 8 people, please email Renée for custom pricing and arrangement

(taxes not included)

No Sugar? NO Problem!

This class will focus on carbohydrate counting and helping those who need to achieve a better balance of blood glucose in their body. We will touch on sugar alternatives and substitutes.

Whether you have diabetes, prediabetes, or cooking for someone with such needs, you can join for this evening of cooking, sharing and learning.

Sexy Food! Sexy Heart!

This class will focus on The DASH diet principles and help those in need of achieving a healthy balance of low sodium, high fiber and low fat foods.
Whether you or a loved one has heart disease or want to prevent it, you can take away tips and recipes to share with people looking to do better for their heart!

No Fuss Healthy Cooking!

This class will focus on creating well balanced meals while using different seasonal ingredients.

Topics will include topics like cooking for different parts of the body, allergies, antioxidants, exciting vegetarian/vegan dishes and super-foods.

Healthy Chinese Food & Learn Chinese

We will focus on teaching basic Chinese words and phrases in a fun cooking class (Mandarin and Cantonese, along with pinyin, so you can even learn to text!).

The main recipes will be Asian influenced in this class and we will taste and make gourmet dishes from the Eastern hemisphere. This class is perfect for those who want to learn to order at Asian restaurants and it’s a great way to explore unfamiliar and exciting foods while you learn how to say and write them in Chinese.

Happy Brunching!

We will focus on healthy brunch/breakfast ideas and recipes. The participants will be making and eating brunch together while we share and discuss current nutrition, health and wellness topics.

True NOSH Downs!

Our roots are important to us and we celebrate our Chinese heritage in Canadian culture with food! With these larger cooking classes we tell you stories of our traditions that correlate to the festival or holiday we celebrate as well as teach you some Chinese words and phrases that go along with them!

Come learn to make some traditional Chinese Food made without sugar, learn some basic Chinese and also meet some new people.

We’re True NOSH of the True North, because you’re too sweet for sugar!

Upcoming True NOSHDowns:

February 17th, 2018: True SOUP Dumpling NOSHDown! – Celebrate Chinese New Year with us! Learn to make soup dumplings, bring home a steam basket with dumplings and learn some Chinese Words!


October 1st, 2017: True MOONCAKE NOSHDown! – Learn the history of the mooncake and why we eat it during the Mid-Autumn Festival!

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Past True NOSHDowns:

May 13th, 2017 : True RICE Dumplings NOSHDown! – Learn the history behind The Dragon Boat Races! Click here for pictures!

January 21st, 2017: True Dumplings NOSHDown! – Celebrate Chinese New Year with us! Click here for pictures!