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Certified Trainers

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Kayla Macgillvray

Kayla Macgillvray is a certified personal trainer through BCRPA, from Fitness On The Go. She has always had a love for fitness and the outdoors, and in the past 5 years, discovered the benefits of yoga in reducing stress and anxiety. As a trainer, Kayla strives to show that fitness is not an hour at the gym every few days, rather a lifestyle change, as there is no “quick fix” to looking and feeling the way we want. It takes time, consistency, and effort. With proper support, she helps clients make the changes they are looking for.

Duane Charlton

Duane Charlton is a personal trainer certified through the BC Personal Training Institute’s NASM Program and has experience in some of Vancouver’s leading gyms. His most recent experience comes from Steve Nash Gyms and the YMCA. Duane has been active his whole life and participated in team sports such as hockey since he was young. All in all, he is a highly motivated individual who will help you reach your fitness goals

Fit Tips


The Mighty Blueberry

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Fit Tip of the Day

Cut out added calories by avoiding sweet beverages. As the temperature rises in the next few months, be sure to stay hydrated with adequate amounts of water.

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