Too sweet for sugar!

About True NOSH



True NOSH is a Canadian company located in Vancouver, BC. We offer cooking classes, market tours, yoga classes and create food and beverages without any added sugar! Our product line targets those who are looking to cut processed sugars, syrups  and sugar substitutes from their everyday lives and is created with diabetes control and prevention in mind. We emphasis the need for early preventative means to lower your chances of becoming diagnosed with pre-diabetes and diabetes.

Our products are organic, dairy-free and preservative-free.

We source everything at local organic vendors and make everything locally at a commercial food processing kitchen, so our quality will remain consistent.

We do not use any sugar alternatives to sweeten our products, but we focus on purely just the sweetness from whole fruits and vegetables. Everything is naturally sweetened, whenever needed, with ONLY fruits and vegetables while seasoned with herbs and spices to increase fiber and protein. Fiber and protein can help food digest slower causing a lower blood glucose spike.

We’re True NOSH, we’re here, ’cause you’re too sweet for sugar! 🙂


Our founder

Renée Chan, MBA, MS, RD(Canada), RDN(USA), CDN(New York State), CYA-RYT200:

Renée, our founder, is a Registered Dietitian certified both in Canada and the United States. She comes from a family with issues of diabetes, heart disease, thyroid issues and Alzheimer’s Disease and is driven to help others with similar concerns. After receiving a Bachelor’s of Science from The University of California, San Diego she went on to New York University to pursue a Master’s of Science in Clinical Nutrition. It was while studying at NYU that she first immersed herself in the restaurant industry as a waitress. After working as a Registered Dietitian in New York, she went abroad to France to work in organic farms in transition to a residency in Hong Kong. After receiving an MBA from Camden University, she now has rooted herself in Vancouver with The True Nosh Co. with hopes to stay for good.

Renée focuses on the prevention of diseases as well as the reversal of illnesses especially with diabetes. Renée brings knowledge and experiences from Southeast Asia, France, Italy, New Zealand, New York and California. Renée quit her job as a Clinical Dietitian in the concrete jungle and was engulfed in working with food. She became a line cook in the vast restaurants of New York City and continued to work in restaurants when she decided to move to Hong Kong. She considers herself a Culinary Dietitian. With the hunger for knowledge and the vision of a better and healthier world, Renée hopes to fill the homes of like minded people with her food and beverage products so that diabetes and heart disease will no longer be the threat to us or to our loved ones!

With the hopes to bring nutrition and exercise together in one practice, she recently completed her 200 hour Yoga teacher’s training with Karma Yoga in Vancouver and will continue her love for yoga and good food at the True NOSH Yoga studio next to her cooking class kitchen on 2200 Ontario St.


More about Renée and her passion,  you can visit her blog at